Pets.. what a world. Having a pet can be taxing and exhausting, but it should be rewarding and NOT exhausting. Its time to talk about the coolest pet with the best personality and the least amount of maintenance. Man's best friend... and so much more.

Some years back I co-owned a great English Bulldog. Basically, I was dating someone and we owned the dog together. I wanted to get a dog for a while, but wanted the right one. I was leaning towards a Basset Hound. Funny looking, cool, chill and lets face it, kinda lazy. I don't personally want a peppy pet. I wanted to be able to relax and let the stress drip off with a good friend. Once the Bulldog thing came into the picture, I immediately was on board. I mean look at them. They've never done anything more in their history of life than chill at the highest levels possible! The most gorgeous ugly things you'll ever see!

My experience was great. We got a really good one. She had super personality and that black spot covering one of her eyes. Little Rascals style! When you asked her to do something she didn't like or when something went down she wasn't cool with, she'd make a little bit of a snuff noise out of her nose, almost as in a "screw this" type of way. Comedy classic.

She had the teeth thing going and the kick ass belly. She slept and slept, but was always alert and interested when the pots and pans were clanking in the kitchen. Hoping something was going on that would benefit her in the eating department. Prob like most dogs. When she wadled in though, I'd bust a gut laughing. It was clockwork. Comedy classic. And everyone loved her. Well, almost everyone. Walking her time to time we'd go by someone who wouldn't stop or say anything to her. Normally anyone who approached her, she would get all wiggly cause she thought someone was gonna pay attention to her. So when some people didn't give her the time of day she'd make the snuff nose noise and stroll on. Classic comedy.

Anyways, that relationship has been over for years now. Both, the girl and the dog. She has the dog and they're both doing fine. I find myself on You Tube alot though watching Bulldog videos cause its a great way to lose half a day and I guess I might want one again.

Down below you'll find some great videos of various Bulldogs doing wacky things... Have a laugh. It will bright your day. Classic comedy! Dogs = ratings!  

Oh yeah, first though, here is mine about 3-4 years ago or so. I used to play music for her to see what would get her to move or react to. I played her about 20 records one day (the day of this pic), nothing worked. I played every type of sound, metal, jazz, rock, rap. Nothing perked her ears up. Anyways, later that day when I was singing a Led Zeppelin song in the kitchen, she propped up and was interested. Haa. I guess I was her favorite music artist! What a good buddy Rosalita was, "Rosie". 


Heres a Bulldog watching Family Guy! Click here!

This guys catching mad Zzzzz's. Or what is that noise exactly??? Click here!

Sometimes their passtime of chewin on everything interferes with their other passtime, catching mad Zzzzz's. Or vice versa. Click here.

I'm not sure they're legally allowed to operate moto vehicles, but oh well! Click here

They lend a hand at home too! This fellas tucking in the family's baby! Click here

This guy must be a Crab fisherman from Baltimore. Watch his gentle prep! Click here

Jet skiing anyone? Click here