Ok maybe I'm jumping the gun. I do however find Fallon's Late Night Show to be hilarious, the guy has got it down. I'm looking foward to him taking over The Tonight Show. My only dilemma with that is I'll eventually have to decide between Late Night or the Late Show. I know, life's severe and complicated issues. Fallon is great, but I still think Letterman has held King Of Late Night crown since Carson called it a day. Please let me reiterate that I'm referring to JOHNNY Carson. No offense to the dude that hosted TRL and apparently still has a half hour show on in the middle of the night.

I almost peed my bed last night, which I haven't done in at least 6 months, watching Fallon and the legendary Bill Cosby, these segments are a must see.

Leno will finally go home and count his money come February 2014, when Jimmy Fallon takes over.