A carefully crafted but completely fake license plate was spotted around town in Portland...is this a move or pure genius or something destined to fail?

Spend a little time on Reddit and you're bound to come across photos that you just can't believe. Stumbling across this gem courtesy of user Macadamiamin, it'll force you to double-take. That's because the commercial-style license plate you're looking at isn't real.

Carefully crafted by the trucks owner, the fake license late is fashioned with the same lettering style and number style as your classic Maine commercial plate. It appears to even have an authentic registration sticker for 2016. The commercial designation on the bottom of the fake plate got a little sloppy, but you can't have it all.

Some of the commenters on Reddit suggested that this fake license plate may be there for good reason. Perhaps the owner of the truck lost their original plate or had their first one damaged. People offered up several different scenarios on how the owner of this vehicle may have just cause for creating what appears to be a cardboard plate.

So what do you think? Is someone skirting the rules on purpose or are they ahead of the curve in license plate longevity?