Marty has got stuff to sell you...but he's also willing to talk or hang out know, if that's what you're up for!

Getting sucked into the black hole of Craigslist can be a real time waster, but occasionally pure gems like this ad pop up. Marty, who fashions himself as the Spider-Man of marijuana dealers in Maine, might be the nicest guy out there selling weed. Let's dissect his terrific ad...

Well Hi There!

I'm Marty, your friendly neighborhood marijuana caregiver and I'm looking for some new wonderful people to add as patients.

My weed is high quality hydroponic with rotating variety of strains, indica and sativa. Great stinky disco balls of bud.

As much as i'd love to meet everyone who calls and smoke a blunt, I unfortunately can only sell to medical marijuana patients...darn...I know...

Marty goes ahead and lays his business cards on the table. Plenty of variety available to the right kind of clients but he isn't into breaking any laws because he's your friendly neighborhood marijuana dealer, not some sketch ball. But here's where the ad gets good...

I've also got tinctures and edibles available, just ask when you call. We can talk all about it! Or sports and video games!

Marty, who seemed to be all business up front, might be all party in the back. He's willing to discuss edibles...but also talk about your favorite football team or how good you are at Call of Duty. He wasn't kidding about that whole friendly neighborhood thing...

Free delivery for orders an ounce or over, and i'll drive anywhere from Portland to York. I'll totally blaze one with you though...or not and if you just want me to leave, that's cool too.

Hit me up!

What a solid way to close. Marty brings it home by letting you know he's got a wider service area than any Domino's Pizza you can think of. And if you want to chill, he's down...he's also willing to just bounce though so you don't get skeezed out.

In a growing marketplace for marijuana, some people just have a knack for being chill AF. Thanks Marty!