Another year, more madness! Band vs. Band. Its so old school barbaric and awesome! CYY Madness is about to kick back up and my pick to win it all this year is . . .

Its tough to pick bands each year. You think you know, but ya just don't know! Thats kind of the fun though. One day all the big Nirvana fans might be working and forget to vote. Or maybe a newbie like Arcade Fire or Arctic Monkeys have enough buzz to push them forward a few rounds. Who knows. I really don't, really. I will say these things with confidence though...

* I predict the Foo Fighters will NOT win this year. They probably have more songs than any band on CYY and they definitely deserve to win any given year, but people get all bent out of shape when someone wins two years in a row. I felt some Foo backlash last year and I think it will affect them in 2014. I could be wrong though. Again, who knows!

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* I see the 311 fans doing some work this year. Their fans are super passionate about them. Catching the Beasties in the first round is a tough order to start with, but with a new record and fresh blood flowing and their fans as supportive as they are... I might smell a numerical upset!

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* I see at least Fall Out Boy, Of Monsters and Men, Dave Matthews and Staind all golfing after their first matchups. Yup, I see no round two for at least them dudes and dudettes.

* I love Radiohead and I know many other people do, but lets face it they are absolute dog_ _ t every time  CYY Madness comes around. They are the Susan Lucci of CYY Madness. (sorry, older people reference there). Basically, they're always bound to lose. Arctic Monkeys are coming off some big heat around here too. Sold out show, hit song, major buzz... Radiohead might be in trouble again this year! Or not.. who knows!!

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Ok, Ok... I'll give it a shot. My PREDICTED Final Four, not my favorites, just my picks ...

Tool - Alice in Chains - Foo Fighters - Sublime

two potential wildcards: Rage Aginst the Machine and Avenged Sevenfold

I'm just surprised Mickey Avalon isn't in it this year!

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