After two and a half years of waiting, medical marijuana will officially be grown in everyone's favorite place: Rochester.


Hopefully everyone waiting for legally-grown marijuana in the state of New Hampshire wasn't holding their breath.

New Hampshire legalized marijuana in 2013, but it is being tightly-regulated and medical marijuana growers haven't been able to begin their work until now. A growing facility has officially been approved in Rochester and it will provide marijuana that will be dispensed at Sanctuary ATC in Plymouth.

Citizens cannot grow their own plants legally and have had to wait for a dispensary to be approved for some time. This one opening up in spring looks like it is taking quality control very seriously.

Sanctuary ATC’s testing includes both safety screening and cannibinoid profile analysis.

Safety screening analyzes and detects several contaminants, which can threaten the health of patients with compromised immune systems. Testing is specifically performed for mold, fungus, bacterial diseases, rot, pests, non-organic pesticides, mildew, mycotoxins, heavy metals and several other distinctive chemicals. Medicine that fails to pass safety screening is returned to the grower, and never provided to patients.

Cannabinoid profile analysis measures of the percentages of THC, THCV, CBC, CBD, CBDV, CBN, and CBG in each product sold. Summarized test results are displayed on all packaging. Sanctuary ATC's patients are able to access laboratory analysis results in three ways: labels in display cases, labels on all products, and a book of complete test results. Labels include percentages for THC, THCV, CBC, CBD, CBDV, CBN, and CBG; and are posted in medicine display cases, as well as affixed to the products themselves. The complete cannabinoid profile will additionally be labeled on every package. A book containing complete reports for each product in the store is available at the service counter for those New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabispatients who desire more detailed analytical results.

This is great news for supporters and bad news for people against marijuana legalization in New Hampshire. Either way, there is probably going to be a surge of Doritos and Hot Pockets sold throughout the state.