After 42 years, one of Boston's classic rock clubs will be shutting it's doors this summer according to reports. That sucks.

It was always weird to me that two of the areas best rock clubs were literally next door to each other. Not like half a block away, but RIGHT NEXT DOOR. I always felt that had to be some kind of conflict or broke some zoning law about venues being so close. Yet year after year, for many years, on (and off) of Mass Ave in Cambridge, the Middle East and TT the Bears have operated their rooms just fine and have brought people to one of the most important music neighborhoods in all of the Boston scene. Maybe that's taken it's toll now...

Due to business and ownerships and buying out people and stuff, it seems TT the Bears will close it's doors this summer after 42 years of live music from bands from all around the world. Some of the biggest bands in the world played TT's over the years and some of our own from here in Maine graced that stage many, many times. I've seen plenty of shows in there over the years. I'm actually having a brain glitch now trying to thing of them all. From friends bands to bands I managed to bands on the next level touring around the country; I remember always had a good time at TT's no matter who played.

This wasn't some big open swanky room. It's was as much of a local bar as it was a rock club. They have a pool room that was always a waste of space on show nights, but prob not during the week to regulars. It wasn't a perfect room as set ups go and that's part of what made it so great.

Hopefully there will be many good friends who will return to TT's to close it in style. Keep your eyes peeled for their remaining schedule. Could be some surprise sets!