Time to check out a band too many people still don't know which is a shame, cause they're one of the best, hardest working and most successful bands in Maine.

Simple deal, CRUEL HAND is the real deal. They've has been around for not quite 10 years yet here in the Portland area. They're a punk hardcore band with no reason for metal fans to not bow too. For the most part, everything this bands put out has been well done and pro to the core. Tried and true to their music and their scene. Fans that some might say are more loyal than most standard fans. I'd agree. The band and their followers respect and honor commitment and passion. Solid, smart equation for music or any other type of success if you ask me. Musicwise though, if you're not commited to the work and the effort needed... you're fooling youself. You're wasting your art, talent and the voice you have to speak to people. CRUEL HAND waste nothing, but flimsy eardrums.

With a few records and some ep's out since the mid 00's, CRUEL HAND keeps the beat as most punk hardcore bands have to by playing and playing and playing and playing and playing and playing. And playing. With any true punk/hardcore band; If you're not out there, you're nowhere. Same should go for any band trying to make it happen. CRUEL HAND plays local, regional, east coast, west coast, north, south all around America, Canada, Europe and even.. Australia? But thats a wicked long plane flight away!? You bet your ass! Check this out... the band in Australia AND PEOPLE KNOW THEIR SONGS! So cool to see. You gotta be pretty damn proud and happy for a local band to have it like that!

They've played with countless bands and they've rocked big ass shows most bands would die to play. But its nothing new for these guys. Check these out. Yowza!

The guys are focused for sure. Check out this quick chat with Nate and Chris.

The band just made a new record, which hopefully will come out sooner than later. They did put out some 7" action last year to hold you over though. Check out the video for "3's" they releaed a few months ago. Really well done. This tune rules. Beastly! If this doesn't sell you on them, have yourself some warm milk and go to bed.

But don't trust my words, see for yourself. CRUEL HAND is playing Saturday Jan 11th in Windham at the Vet Center. You won't be disappointed. (Never been to a punk/hardcore show? Kind of a wallflower? Not into being agressive at shows? Thats fine, but fair warning...stick to the back and away from the participating fans and everything will be awesome for you!)