Even before the madness and awesomeness of Markathon starts, some very cool local music folks are supporting this special cause. See who and how you can support the cause and enjoy their music! 


First off, this Friday the legendary goth, dark industrial dance night that is PLAGUE! @ Asylum is donating proceeds for the evening to this year's Markathon!

So paint your fingernails up nice, grab that pair of blood red Doc Martins you don't wear nearly enough and go dance to some Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Peter Murphy and more THIS FRIDAY at Asylum with PLAGUE. DJ 8Bit and Lady Loki will keep you safe from holiday music with their Anti-Christmas Party!



photo: Dylan Verner


Folks might recognize Ryan Halliburton from his years with local outfit, The Grumps. Ryan plays out in all kinds of ways these days. No matter if he's jamming covers or his own tunes or Grumps stuff; you know it's him. That voice belongs to no one else that's for sure. I always felt like he was the roots/singer/songwriter solo stepchild of Jon Bon Jovi. No spandex though.

Anyways, Ryan has graciously decided to donate proceeds from all digital sales from Dec 7-11th to Makrathon. just visit here RYANHALLIBURTON.COM or check him out on Bandcamp. Pick a song or two and the Center gets the support. In a time where every nickle means more to musicians than ever before, this type of generosity shines pretty darn bright and I can't thank Ryan enough for his support of Markathon. OH!!! Don't forget to catch him live in studio during Markathon on Tuesday Dec 8th @ 9:00. Ryan will perform a tune live that will possibly make you shiver in your boots.


uke' n smile facebook

David Jacquet plays music. He plays music with Uke'n Smile, an upbeat acoustic based outfit that happens to be playing Friday night at 7pm at THE LOCAL BUZZ in Cape Elizabeth. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. David has decided to give all proceeds from Friday's gig to this year's Markathon! Another amazing showing of heart from good people in the local music scene. If you're out that way please pop by to support Markathon and check out David's group. It's double dipping really, cause you're supporting local music too which is super fantastic! Here's David's words from his own Facebook page...

So I am pretty pumped about this. Friday night I will be gigging at The Local Buzz. Always fun to start a new relationship!

With that in mind, I wanted it to be more meaningful yet, so as I was driving away from the LB with a delightful cup of coffee in my hand, I figured... you know what? Let's start this new relationship on an even better basis.

Mark Curdo is running his Markathon again on WCYY for the 8th year. All proceeds go to The Center for Grieving Children, MaineJust the other day, Uke'n'Smile family member Ryan Halliburton decided to donate the proceeds of the sales of his CD during that event to the Markathon. So I am going to follow in Ryan's footsteps and donate the proceeds of this gig to the Markathon as well. Mark and Ryan, thanks for leading by example by following your hearts!

This is where YOU come in: that night I will be paid a percentage of the sales of the evening. The more they sell, the more I am paid, and 100% of that amount will go to support the Markathon. See you there for an evening of music and good vibes to support those who need it the most!  


Thanks to everyone helping out in their own way and even finding new ways to support Markathon and the Center For Grieving Children. YOU make this week happen and you help the Center to bring hope to families who need it. Please keep it up! This could be the biggest year ever!  

The 8th Annual Markathon starts Monday December 7th and goes 102 Hours straight until Friday December 11th on 94.3 WCYY and always at WCYY.com