So do you remember when Kyle Rankin and Efrem Potelle used to give movie reviews on CYY in the early 2000's? I'm going back a few years on you. It was a segment we did called Kyle and Efrem Sneak Into the Movies.

According to the Portland Press Herald, one time reviewer of movies, now film maker himself Kyle Rankin is returning to Maine to shoot a new film. How about a romantic comedy...featuring zombies?!  This day in age, who doesn't love zombies? Or at least watching them on TV.

Kyle is best known for the winning a TV show based on a contest to fund a film. This was a project put together by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck called Project Greenlight. This gave him a $2 million dollar budget to make the film "The Battle of Shaker Heights."

Kyle is working with a program called Kickstarter, this is where you can come in and help make this project happen!