The Maine Ghostbusters were the big hit of the Portland Comic Expo last weekend. Channel 6 caught up with the good people (and Mark from CYY) to talk about their support of Marakthon over the past two years. 


Hey, it's Mark!

I've known a couple of the Ghostbusters for some years now. They're great fans of CYY. I've seen Cory and Justin at various shows and supporting local bands. Good people and this here just makes them so much gooder! (I invented it, use the word at will)

Pooling together their love and passion for Ghostbusters, those two fellas along with some other friends decided to 'Bust in Maine. Man oh man do they do it right! If you're a fan YOU WILL BE SUPER IMPRESSED if you haven't seen them yet. The gear is so well done! Even Dan Akroyd who met them last year said their stuff was spot on for the real stuff. (and he's the guy who created the real Ghostbusters gear together too!).

The Maine Ghostbusters do their thing out of love for the movie and it's fans but they also wanted to spread good vibes to people in Maine; appearing at Sea Dogs games, fairs, schools and hospitals, etc. Just a couple of years ago Cory wanted to support The Center For Grieving Children through Markathon after experiencing a loss in his life. So, any time the Ghostbusters were approached with "tips" or non-requested payment at any of their stops, the group opted to put that money towards charity as their love for Ghosbusters wasn't something that needed to be rewarded.

Just this past year, the Maine Ghostbusters have raised over $1,000 for Markathon for the Center for Grieving Children. Thats a done deal. $1,000 already! We haven't even started Markathon yet! Amazing work. The Maine Ghostbusters are great friends of the community in so many ways now. I urge you to like 'em on Facebook and let them know about the good work they're doing if you feel moved to do so. Also, you'll know who to call... just in case!




Portland Comic-Con 2012