Check out this new Maine Missed Connection from Craigslist, as the author uses a parade of duck puns in hopes of grabbing the attention of one person.


I'm not going to say this person is a quack for using duck puns as a way to draw another person's attention, but I can't imagine this ad going swimmingly. I get the idea that missed connections are a long shot, just hoping that the other person is peking at the ads. I truly hope that using the place someone works, and following that up with tons of puns ruffles their feathers enough to get a positive response. I'd hate to find that out that this ad left the author roasted or feeling like a silly goose. Definitely not trying to be a scrooge about the whole thing, so I'll just leave it here. Perhaps this fits the bill of a great way to get plucked from the crowd of single people! Good luck!