I've been fortunate to have never gotten arrested but after asking my co-workers what the most likely case for me would be, they all seemed to agree on public indecency. Thanks, guys! Could be worse, I guess....


According to a recent study done by Aizman Law Firm, an LA based criminal defense firm, we now know what states have the happiest and saddest mugshots. This was done using 30,000 different mugshots. The results show that Maine is quite high on the list. I'd probably be crying like a baby but apparently I'm not like a lot of other Mainers. Maine obtained the impressive #4 spot in the nation.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, mugshots from all over the country were put through a web-based too that can actually detect emotions. It's called Microsoft Cognitive Services and can actually determine the mood of each person. And you thought actual people conducted this survey.... pffff come on, we don't have people do anything anymore.