Some kooky poll seems to have broken down what music artists are each state's favorites. I think its a bunch of stank ass garbage, but hey, have a peek yourself... 

This poll collects from all kinds of music streaming/sales sources and seems to break down who likes what across the US. I'm not buying alot of it. Well, some states make sense cause of artists who are from there like New Jersey, Hawaii and Vermont, but I have a hard time believing artists like Bastille, Ciara and Hillsong United (who?) can be a state's favorite artist. I just ain't buyin' it folks, sorry.

On that note, I refuse 1000% to believe who Maine's favorite band is. I like the band and I own all of their records. They're a classic band and an important band, but there is NO WAY IN HELL they're the band most bought, talked about and streamed by Mainers. Look for yourself at the full map!