Mondays I talk movies/tv/entertainment with Gerald. Before he leaves, we like to suggest some flicks or shows you may have missed in the travels of your lifetime... 

MARK: "Just One of the The Guys"

I've watched this movie tons of times. Luckily for you, if you have Netflix, it's on there right now. Otherwise, check the $5 bin at your local movie/music store. This movies pretty funny. It features the same bad guy as the Karate Kid, William Zabka. We love to hate that dude. Also enjoy the little brother, "Buddy". Great younger, creep, perv little brother character that steals the movie every scene he's in.

Still slightly under the radar from the mid 80's; this movie is a sexy, silly, wacky, goofy teen flick gem. The movie poster, like so many from the 80's probably reeled me in at first as you can see!

columbia pictures

GERALD: "Luther"

Gerald says this series is one of the best cop shows on TV right now!