I'm not really a cat person, but whilst in the Augusta area recently I saw a sign for the 2014 Cat Show. How can you not go and check that stuff out!!

The day before I went Curling in Belfast last month, I was in Augusta. I drove by a giant sign outside an arena that caught my eye and pulled me in like a tractor beam. Not out of interest mind you, but curiosity. And you know what they say about curiosity!

So I walked inside and began what I knew would not be a normal afternoon whatsoever.

I'm not anti-cats, I just don't dig em that much. I'm a dog guy at the end of the day. I used to have one. Rosalita "Rosie". See...!

Anyways, a Cat Show? Full parking lot? I had to take a peek. I mean, come on!

As I got in there I noticed one thing was extra odd from the get-go... why were there tables full of fudge being sold. I mean, fudge rules, but why here? Why now? Huh?

I mean there was tables and tables and tables of the stuff...

I eventually slid past the sugary goodness and made my way to get a feline fix. This place was a madhouse. First thing I noticed, it was about 90% female. Of the 10% male that were there I'd say 8% were there to be with their wives or mothers. The other 2%, yes indeed owners. Like this gentleman who was, well... he was surely a nice man who loved his cat!

Whats up with this cat!? I tought it was a friggin snake or something at first! Oh and those heels were pretty damn cool at the end too, but whatever.

As I moved on I noticed it was cat-madness everywhere I turned. Toys and tools in one direction...

Cat playgrounds, chairs, junglegyms and scratchy posts over there...

One things for sure, kids love cats. I think. They were intrigued for sure.

There were cat lectures, cat presentations and special cat guests

I'm HOPING it was a 10 year old that made this school project display

Cats, Cats, Cats and Cat things everywhere!

 More stuff to buy! Cat socks?  

... and looky what I found next, MORE FUDGE! It does look damn good though.

Theres definitely some different people here. I found one who even had cat jokes. Not awesome jokes, but regardless, cat jokes! (pardon the fake/respectful chuckle at the end. Its tough to let a comedian die in front of an audience of one. This joke was very unforgivable though.)

 Theres nothing more American than... a cat? 


One things for damn sure, there is some business in the Cat business!!


Now I was starting to get a bit unesay. A bit dumbed down. A bit... I don't know. Eckkk! I needed to start making my way out I knew that. My nine lives were gone!

Its like I couldn't break free. The odd ones really started to show as I was looking for my freedom. Like the woman who gave birth to a cat? Come on lady! Tone it down a notch! I know you love your cat, but this was one of those over the top ones for me. I HAD TO GET OUT!  

Finally, I made it to daylight. All in all it was an eye opening and allergy flaming experience. Would I pay to get that hour back? Hells yes! It is great to see people who are passionate about something though. Like I am with music. Searching for it, buying it, collecting it. I guess I'm weird to people just the same. Not as much as the twirly guy, the cat mom or the catmedian though!

Best part of the day? A quick stop by the best table on my way out!