Since I'm pretty much on vacation now, I figure I'll miss alot of the end of the year CYY lists and stuff. So I decided to get a jumpstart and post mine now if thats cool?  Just cause I'm so close to the local music scene, this list is always sans-local picks!

My favorite record of the year is definitelty "Like Clockwork" by Queens of the Stone Age. Many people bailed on this one cause its not their rocking most record, but I think its smashing. Josh's best vocals on any album he's been apart of are here, Elton John plays keys here, Trent Reznor is here, Dave Grohl plays drums on half of it, songs are very much Queens in that eerie, spooky desert David Lynch way. GET IT NOW!!

A new band that has been on my stereo alot this year is Beware of Darkness. Their debut record, Orthodox is a cover to cover solid album. Not many of those these days. I was actually the first person on any radio station in the world to play their first single "Howl", which debuted on Spinout way back early this year. "Howl" is Zep-ish, whereas the rest of the record is Beatles White Album at times and classic in other ways, but unique. Its a dark yet slightly hopeful record with a singer you won't forget. Saw em live, real deal. Whatch "Howl" and a live performance of "Ghost Town" right here!

I've been big believer in Biffy Clyro for about 5+ years now. Trio from Scotland who are kinda like Muse meets Foo Fighters with some cool time signatures. Not sure why they haven't gotten a real shot in the states. Great tunes, solid live, epic sound. Their "Opposites" record this year was big as anything they've done.

Possibly my favorite single of the year was this one from Johnny Marr, formerly of The Smiths of course and with Modest Mouse and The Cribs in recent times. The album The Messenger is terrific and he was fantastive live at the Paradise back in May in Boston. Got to meet him too. Ace gentlemen and appreciative of the support I gave him from Spinout. Its like "sure dude, you were like most of The Smiths, you're very welcome! I'll be sure to continue to support you always cause you're amazingly important"

My favorite singer Jimmy Gnecco came back with a new album from his band OURS called Ballet the Boxer. Not sure what the future has in store for Jimmy, but he's my favorite singer so... I hope it involves him singing. Heres a blend of some tunes from it..

The Sound City soundtrack and documentary was pretty awesome, but this tune for me still stands out as the best thing from it. Corey's vocals were absolutely terrific. Oh and Rick Neilsen from Cheap Trick on guitar (one of my favorite bands) and Scott from Kyuss on bass?!?!?!? This tunes legendary already for me. Has a Beatle "I Want You (She's So Heavy) feel to it. Such a great song. Here, watch the whole making of it!

Cage The Elephant, still one of my favorite newer bands. Unique, great sound, great songs and a super great frontman.

Superchunk is on a tear! Two great records in the past few years. I Hate Music was a fav of mine this year. Got to see them and meet Mac as well in Boston. His energy is still unreal. AND he runs Merge Records! What a guy!

One of the commercial rock bands I've dug is Collective Soul. Ed Roland writes great radio rock songs. This year he put out a side record with the Sweet Tea Project and more down home version of his stuff. Great tunes still there, fantastic band to boot. Great show when the played Portland. Awesome dude too. Classy, very cool to people.

I got into a newer band this year called Rose Windows. Like a 8 or 9 person 70's cosmic rock type thing. Like Zeppelin meets Jefferson Airplane meets Floyd. Their record, The Sun Dogs circled around my turntable alot. Watch and dig the flute yo!

Daft Punk's record, hey sorry everyone has a copy of Random Access Memories on their kitchen table. I do too. Its maybe the best disco-ish record since the 70's. The old school true musicians they brought to play on this... ultra fabulous.

The new Carcass album Surgical Steel, maybe the best metal album of the year. Sick, crazy. This isn't mall metal... this is throw you in the woodchipper shredding classic brutality from a legendary death metal band.

Big fan of the Melvins and this year they put out a record as their original line up from the early 80's with Dale on bass and Mike Dillard on drums. The result... to me... one of the best Melvins records in years. This new song "City Dump" is the true sound of the Melvins to me...

For CYY stuff, I really like Atlas Genius. Great grooves, great songs. The album "When It Was Now" pretty cool too.

The Broadheds is a GREAT record. Dudes from Fitz & The Tantrums, The Kooks, Eulogies and all-star bassist Justin Johnsen (NIN, Beck, IMA Robot, M83). This is like a Stooges meets american rock/reggae band. Great, great summer record.

The National, always cool. The new record "Trouble Will Find Me" was no exception.

This song from Chvrches is one of my favorites of the year. Super 80's new wave.

Ok thats enough for now. I'll remember  more after I post this I'm sure. As for tunes that didn't not meet my approval... Eh, screw em. I'm not gonna give em any more of my time here. Ask me in person on over the fiberoptic lines if you really care.

Have a great end of your 2013. Enjoy your family and close friends. Be safe and my best to you all in the new year!

OK, Ok... stop pushing.... it's Avicii "Wake Me Up". I really just wanna punch that song right in the balls. Feels like I'm doing Dance Dance Revolution during an Olympics commercial everytime that comes on. That tune and Fall Out Boy. Sooo tired. Can't watch a sports event without hearing that one. Oh, Panic at the Disco too. Oh and the 19th single from Of Monsters and Men, come on!

Anyways, Happy Holidays!!