Theres no specific flow or genre direction. Just a shuffle of cool videos/tunes I think you might dig. A video mixtape with no overall theme whatsoever!

Here's a mid week, shake up shuffle playlist of some cool tunes/music videos/live videos that you might enjoy during lunch or your coffee break or at home if you have the day off.

WAX "Southern California" (An old school spike jonze music video. This was a very short clip as it was filmed, but stretched slooooowwwwlllyy it fit a full song!) 

THE RUNAWAYS "Wasted" (No Cherie Currie on lead vocals, but the girls still ripped. Lita Ford was a friggin doll huh?)

ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S "Poppa Large" (people have heard of the wacky Kool Keith, but the deal to me is besides his Dr. Octagon album, his solo stuff hasn't been all the great. His original group Umltramagnetic MC's, THATS where he killed it. I'll always remember in the late 80's listening to their first record and thinking who the hell is this wack job talking about space and molecules and baseball and porno and 7-Up. This group was nutty. Not a normal "rap group". I liked that. Still do. This track just has Keith on it and it pretty much became his theme. Tweeked video and mind to match)

FISHBONE "Servitude" (a fav with many and prob Fishbone's heaviest tune. Prob my favorite. Actually, it's tied with "Housework". Anyways, I saw them years ago in Boston at the Axis. Early 90's. They were doing Lollapalooza or something early that day. So they played a 2nd gig later that night at a smaller venue. Axis is now basically part of the House of Blues' back stage area. Anyways, they show up like an hour after they were supposed to be playing. Set up, that took another 45 minutes or so. So I was draggin ass at that point. Been there since 8pm. No dinner and had a couple beers prior. Worthwhile though, cause when they did this song, "Servitude" and a singer came out to sing the hook with them. His band was on Lollapalooza too and came to Fishbone's show that night as a friend. I'll always remember that performance. It was Layne Staley.

THE DREAM ACADEMY "Life in a Northern Town" (another awkward 80's video where the musicians don't know what to do. Like Ricky Bobby not knowing what to do with his hands in "Talladega Nights". But what an awesome song. Listen loud. The drum thumps and rumbles are so great!)