I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but glad I did party some cause this show is great and worth you checking out as well.

For those unaware, Ricky Gervais is the top comedy man in the UK. One of the biggest in the world really. The Office, that was his show! He started that show in England before it came to the states. Extras was another major hit for Gervais. Movies to follow, stand up specials on HBO and of course his world famous podcast.

In that extremely popular podcast, Gervais' rants and cackles with his partners in crime. One of the most criminal partners is Karl Pilkington. Pilkington is a classic character thats accidentaly brilliant I suppose. He spits gold and although you might think hes a comic genius with an Andy Kaufman "i fooled ya" way about him, many think he may have simply been hit in the head with a brick once or twice. I suspect a little of both.

Gervais and his creative partner Steve Merchant (who co-stars in Extras and the podcast) birthed this reality show for SKY1 tv in the UK in which they show Pilkington for who he really is or how he really is I might say. They send Pilkington out into the world, out of his comfort zone to experience cultures, traditions and life in places he probably will never plan to venture to; Jordan, Mexico, Egypt, Bejing, etc. (funny thing is he lives in London and has never been to Buckingham Palace either. That gives you an idea.) The results of each trip are hilarious. His side comments and "what the hell am I doing here mate" reactions are priceless. He eats weird stuff, meets weirder people and sleeps in the weirdest places. Take a peek and see if its up your alley. If so, seek it out on Netflix or DVD. Enjoy!