I want to share some videos for tunes you should know about if you don't already. If you listen to Spinout with me weekly, you'll have heard these gems. Trust me this will be fun for the whole family!

First up is "Down in the Shadows" by INVSN (pronounced Invasion). They're an alternative band from Sweeden. Kinda Joy Divison meets Interpol meets She Wants Revenge meets Echo and the Bunnymen. Dennis Lyxzen fronts the band. He is the lead singer for the legendary punk/hardcore band, Refused as well as garage rock band the International Noise Conspiracy.

Next up is the young UK quartet The 1975. They've been poking around most of this year, but their full album is out now. This should be a bigger song than it already is. Catchy, cool. I'd like to show the updated newer video cause its cool and has some hot stuff happening, but I forgot my You Tube Password! Haa! Content too extreme for my lack of 18year old proof self. So enjoy this one for now. Still the deal.

Try this new one from Sponge. Yes Sponge! When it comes to new music from some of thos 90's bands its usually a major crap shoot. The new Sponge record "Stop the Bleeding" actually has this cool power hooky rocker on it. The videos eh, Vin from the band did it. It wears thin quick, but you get a feel for the tune, which is a cool rock song.