If you're looking to replace your morning coffee, Massachusetts company Steem has a brand new "caffeinated" Peanut Butter for your toast. 

Facebook via Steem


According to Boston.com, a new product could quickly find its way into the morning routine of New Englanders. It's caffeinated peanut butter and it's the brainchild of the Steem company based in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Co-Founder Chris Pettazzoni claims that the peanut butter is all-natural, made with just peanuts, salt, peanut oil, and agave nectar. The caffeine comes from green-coffee extract thats mixed with the peanut butter.

Steem claims that just one tablespoon for their caffeinated peanut butter is the equivalent of one cup of coffee. Avid coffee drinker? Try two tablespoons of Steem on your toast or english muffin and avoid the hot coffee spills.

The company is just over a year old, but pardon the pun, already picking up steam. It's now being sold at 13 locations across New England but can also be purchased online, at only 4.99 per jar. Visit their website here for check out shipping details.

You can also read further details in this article posted by Boston.com