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Being a radio guy, you tend to get a lot of the same questions. How did you get into radio? Can you get me backstage passes? When is Tool coming out with a new album? It's been seven years since 10,000 Days was released. Maynard finally speaks out, and places blame.... 

He said recently that if it were up to him, there would be new music from Tool out there, and he's not happy about it. He says his band mates, who write all the music, are the main reason why the band generally takes a long time between albums. He says his they're bigger perfectionists than him, which in result, takes years for the band to get new music out there.

There have been rumors that they're working on a new record for months now, but there are no details on a title or a release date.

And here I am thinking he was just being lazy and drinking all of his wine while enjoying his large fortune.