So, with Kurt Baker gone to Spain to rock n' roll with Spanish chicks til who knows when; I figured lets bring on a new friend to have fun on the air with and to help me kick off the weekend CYY Morning Show.. Show style. Actually you already know him!


(Spose & I last day of "I'm Awesome" video shoot in Los Angeles March 2010)

Every Friday morning Ryan Peters aka Spose will join me on the WCYY Morning Show.. Show. Spose has been a CYY freak since day 1 really. Besides rocking the hip hop mic, Spizzy is a huge modern rock/alternative rock/90's rock fan. He's big into the Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, The XX and Rage Against the Machine to name a few. He knows all those old CYY classics you guys love. He used to write down the Top 5 @ 5 everyday when Facemelter hosted it.

In Fall of 2009, Spizzy gave me a song from his up-coming record. The song was pretty catchy and super clever. I started playing "I'm Awesome" on WCYY Spinout, then it got into rotation on CYY and quickly became the most requested song for 6 weeks. He scored a major label deal with Universal Republic Records and went on to sell over 800,000 copies of the single. He played shows with Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, Cage The Elephant even Train, B.O.B and American Idol star Adam Lambert. He almost had his own show on MTV. His single hit #37 on the Billboard charts and Top 25 on iTUNES. The video was even like #1 or 2 for a day on iTUNES. The videos scooped up about 10 million views since. All of this happened in 6 months time.

He went back to being a indie artist soon after (see his book available at Bull Moose for my explanation on why that happened). He's been busy as possible since. He put out 4 albums in one year last year. Four albums, one year. Pretty crazy. Plus, all the live concerts and touring he does, videos, TV, magazines, Tweets, posts, live internet shows... and now he gets to tackle a passion of his, radio.

Join me each Friday morning when Wells, Maine's finest son joins me for radio madness on the CYY Morning Show.. Show. He's funny, clever, great to talk to, well versed in many a thing... and awesome.

Here's some great Spose video moments you should catch if you haven't! Well done stuff. Including this first one that I consider pretty much the best local video ever made. Check out the live video after that. He played in front of 12,000+ people in upstate New York. Insane.