If you missed the Grammys last night, here's a quick replay and my expected two cents. 


Can we first start off positive and say look at this picture!!? 

Beck is on stage receiving the Album of the Year award from Prince with Bob Ludwig rocking that blue tie next to him. If you love music, you love this pic.

This story isn't that big of a deal. It's a "Kanye's an idiot" shrug off kind of thing to most. Not to me though cause I love music and the good people that make quality stuff. I'll first say this - I have a few Kanye records. He's ok. He's done some interesting things for sure. In the world of rap, I have a LONG list of names that come before him though. A LONG list. To be honest, he's not even on the first page or the second really. That being said, I'm not an anti-rap guy or someone who thinks Kanye's a jerk just cause he's a jerk. This story from last night is a bit of a bummer. So I'm just firing back a bit in the good name of music.

Grammys 2015, you didn't watch? Smart move. I stopped watching years ago because I'm a fan of music. On "music's biggest night" do people walk away loving music more after recent Grammy years? Are people fired up to go buy records and help the industry get back to some decent form? There's a magic moment or two each year, but the whole night should be a moment. It's not and it hasn't been for a while. This isn't a Grammy slam though. (Don't even get me going about "Best Metal Performance" too) This is about what went down with Kanye West trying to make noise again, but eventually coming off looking like a mess.

The scene was this; Beck was accepting his award for Album of the Year. An award that was also rightfully shared ON STAGE by our neighbor and friend Bob Ludwig btw. (Bob mastered Beck's record). Kanye didn't agree with Beck winning and felt Beyonce should have won. So he looked to stir things up again as he does. Kanye started to walk on stage to make his comments. He instead, turned around and walked away even as Beck urged him to come back up. Kanye held back though, thankfully. That wasn't his time. It wasn't Beyonce's time or Obama's or the Pope's or Tom Brady's. It was Beck's moment to talk and shine and Kanye damn well knew it.



After the show, Kanye spoke what was on his mind with some hosts from the E! Channel who were pretty much there for one reason, fashion! Smart of him to talk music with the fashion police! 


Did you understand a word he said right there? He didn't even know what the hell he was saying he got so confused! That speech was a total mess and he should be a shamed of that dribble. He made NO sense. By the way, super smart for the E! Channel to have mostly fashionistas out there for the night reporting live. You are the E! Channel. E for ENTERTAINMENT right? That includes music too. So have a friggin' music person at the Grammys you tabloid germs! Who was that E idiot there that said ".. I need you to fight for creativity" to Kanye. Was that a Kardashian? That was one of the three main sisters from the TV show right? Khloe or Zoe or Whoaie. Figures. That's his sister in law! That makes for a fair conversation!

"Beck needs to respect the artistry"? 

What the hell did Beck do wrong? That's a moronic thing to say to BECK of all people. Beck is more of an "artist" than most people in the room last night. MOST. When he first came out to the scene over 20 years ago he was jamming 9 different styles of music into one album. So this comment was simply and by all definitions, wrong.  

"If the Grammys want real artists to come back.." - Kanye

Who are these real artists he's talking about? People he likes? Becks not a real artist and Kanye is the one who speaks for real artists? I don't think so. He speaks for no one but his believers who buy his bull - - - - . So send that chatter to your fan club newsletter next time. Kanye lost more credibility again last night and they hype he's getting isn't good hype. People who were on the fence with him are jumping off the fence today. His fans, they'll be on his jewels like always cause he does no wrong to them!

People who are always looking for ways to discredit rap and rappers were supported last night with Kanye's dumb talk and now they're further away from maybe giving rap some credit. That's a shame cause rap isn't represented by Kanye West. Quote me on that even when his next record hits #1. Rap isn't represented by Kanye West.   

Kanye talking like that about a great artist a lot of people like and respect is not a smart move. He's becoming a loud mouth blow hard and nothing he did last night was adventurous or trail blazing. He wasn't being punk rock either. He was talking smack to a great artists people love thats done no wrong to him. Just go after the Grammys if you have a beef, not the artists. Jabbing at the shy and quiet Beck? It was like pushing around a skinny kid who's a foot smaller than you in high school. His comments were foolish and wrong in theory. He made no sense and he tried to sell it off like he was defending music and musicians. THATS why he gets ZERO respect from me from this day on. Think Beyonce should maybe make some comment to clear her good name of this load of crap Kanye dumped on her? He dragged her into this keep in mind. I doubt she wants to burn bridges. She's too smart for that nonsense. Guilt by association Beyonce, I'm just saying! Backing up Beck won't hurt things for you that's for sure. Classy move too.  

Friends, I've found out something in my life of listening to music; the music just doesn't sound as good when you don't like the artist or what they're about.

Well Kanye West sounds gaud-awful to me today. 

PS... I've never been a big fan of music contests.