Mumford & Sons took the SNL stage this weekend and decided to bring their loud equipment with them. Just past midnight (eastern time), Mumford & Sons cranked out their new tune called "The Wolf" and must have left their old fan base asking "did Pearl Jam replace our boys at the last minute"?


HOT TAKE: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't over Mumford & Sons after their last album. Play me "Lover of the Light" one more time and watch as a smash my face into a brick wall. Perhaps even the band themselves realized they were becoming a little too predictable, sad and hokey. So Mumford takes a little time off, hits up Guitar Center hard, and comes back as the rock band we never thought they could be. Twitter woke up on saturday night with 80% positive reviews about Mumford's new sound and 20% sourpuss about the lack of banjo's and kick drums. Count me in on this new version of Mumford & Sons, "Wilder Mind" can't get here fast enough.