Maybe you've been a victim of an unintended person or even people getting a text or snap from you that was not intended for them. It's actually not that hard to do and can end up getting you in trouble, or just plain embarrassing in this case.

A friend of mine was recently helping his buddy move out west. They drove out and stayed at a couple of hotels along the way. They decided to be done driving for the night and on a tight budget. They ended up in a room with only one queen-sized bed. Comfortable as straight men, they decided to share it. As a joke, he sends a pic to his girlfriend via Snapchat of the two of them in bed and under the covers. Here's where the hilarity kicks in (at least for me), he accidentally posted it to "my story". If you're not part of the Snapchat revolution, this means the pic is available for everyone on your friends list to see. He woke up the next morning to screenshot notifications and friend even asked him if that was his way of coming out!

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