With each season, things seem to improve and the Maine Red Claws Organization "up their game" in many ways! That's a really good thing for all of us who love Basketball and some family fun. 


People love the Portland Sea Dogs and people love their Portland Pirates year after year. The addition of the Maine Red Claws a few years back to the long running line up of Portland sports teams was a great idea. Great placement too! Not far up the road from the center of all things Basketball, the origin, the heart of it all... no, not the Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass; I'm talking the Garden, home of the Celtics. C'mon now!

When Bill Ryan Jr. (former owner of Oxford Plains Speedway) teamed up with his father William Ryan to get this D-League team going in Maine WITH affiliation to the Celtics, people were on board instantly. Over time, the team and it's relationship with Portland grew strong. Ryan Jr., principal owner and Red Claws President Dajuan Eubanks have done a fantastic job not only providing a quality team and basketball experience for fans, but they've done amazing work supporting the community is so many ways.

Now hey, let me tell you if you don't already know; I love basketball. Pro especially. So a pro connected team, let alone a Celtics connected team, I'm there. I'll sit anywhere too! My ass has had no problem sitting on the high school style seats for years at Red Claws games, but I can understand for others, a cushy pad for the butt and back makes sense. Showing their commitment to the fans of this game and team, the Red Claws are upping the comfort level. Read about it and what the future holds for the Red Claws in Portland below....


...And hey don't forget this Saturday, Spose and myself will be shooting around in the Red Claws media shootout thing. Catch us there from 11:30-12:30. It's a day of fun Red Claws activity and you can be there. You can even take a shot from half court for a chance to win season tickets! Find out all about it right here at the RED CLAWS WEBSITE. You can also scoop up your tix there, which you'll want to do because we're gonna see some great ball this year AND with players from Boston here all season long most likely, that's a good thing for the Crustacean Nation!