According to the Portland Press Herald, the idea of women being arrested for showing their bare breasts or nipples in public just isn't going to fly in New Hampshire, the home of the Live Free or Die motto. The New Hampshire House shot down a bill that would have made it a crime for women to be topless in public, despite the fact that there is no law that makes it a crime for a man.

The bill made national headlines in December when a lawmaker suggested that if women had no problem showing their breasts in public, they should also have no problem with men wanting to grab them.

Supporters of the bill went to extreme lengths to make the public nervous. They claimed if the bill wasn't passed, that women would begin to go topless at public beaches and that could result in them going topless in other places, like libraries. They also claimed that offenders of the bill should have to be listed on the state's sex offender registry after a 2nd offense.

New Hampshire's House Criminal Justice and Public Safety board rejected the bill telling supporters "in a state with an average temperature of only 46 degrees, the risk of rampant nudity seems rather low". We agree.

Check out all the details of the decision here courtesy of the Portland Press Herald.