If you're a local musician or a fan of local music OR just a music fan period; you really should see this amazing new video just shown for the first time ever over the weekend. 

Over the weekend I was able to see the debut of the new "Playing for Change" video orchestrated by the Maine Academy of Modern Music. The young musicians involved in MAMM as well as some of the great names from all around the state have joined up again to make an updated video, to a new song (penned by the great Frank Hopkins), still embracing the concept of "Playing for Change".


For a brief explanation of "Playing for Change" and the concept!


Here is the brand new "Playing for Change" video from Maine for 2015! Filmed all over Maine... and we mean ALL over Maine. 


If you missed the "Playing for Change" video a few years ago, here that one is featuring Dave Gutter, Zach Jones, The Fogcutters, Spencer Albee, the Mallett Brothers Band, Kyle Gervais, Kenya Hall, Dominic Lavoie and more!