Duets are often sweet ... but not always. Sometimes they generate a vague but undeniable feeling of unease.

The above video mashup is one such duet as earworm generator Carly Rae Jepsen and American sweetheart Trent Reznor exchange sweet nothings with one another.

The video is a combination of Jepsen's new single, "I Really Like You," and Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole." Yes, it's catchy. And yes, you probably won't like yourself after you listen to this and realize much later that Carly Rae's newest kill-it-with-fire chorus is stuck inside your head forever.

Actually, approached with the proper mindset, this maladroit musical mishap could be seen as one of the darkest songs Nine Inch Nails have ever participated in. Jepsen plays the part of the relentless pursuer who will stop at nothing to make Reznor her love. And Reznor's answer, because it's kind of his thing, is hatred. The song seems really dark once Reznor's lyrics are aimed, not at a negative human trait like greed, but directly at a very sweet-looking teenage girl. (Except for the fact that Jepsen is actually almost 30 years old. What?)

We're assuming the video's creator, a fellow who goes by the name Yep, I'm the Toaster -- or YITT -- suffers from a deadly combination of boredom and sadism. What other explanation could a person offer other than that? YITT has actually been making video and song mashups for a while now. He's got plenty of others at Vimeo, including a Beatles and Lana Del Rey video and a Nirvana and Avril Lavigne ... thing. It's interesting in a way that something that really bums you out can be interesting.

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