If you get the chance to give Noel Gallagher from Oasis your bands first CD while he's playing a show, remember to title it.


Saturday night I went to Boston with a rock radio legend, not just in Portland but northern New England. Me and the great Tommy C from our big brother Blimp WBLM next door checked out Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at the Boston Opera House. Tommy doesn't look it here, but he was SUPER PUMPED. Oasis and the brothers Gallagher are his dudes.


Never been to the Opera House before for a rock show. I'm not sure they do a ton of rock shows there. More ballet, orchestra's and some artsy fartsy stuff. Really marvelous room though and the sound was spectacular.

We were about 10,11 rows back. Great seats and damn the usher looked like Pete Townsend from the Who!!


Right? He had the cheeky personality and the honker too! Nice guy.

Anyways, the show was great. He did a lot of his new album which I recommend you check out. It's really solid. It's called, Chasing Yesterday. He did stuff from his first solo record and of course a handful of Oasis tunes. Here's the set list...

  1. Fade Away (Oasis)
  2. Encore:


Show was really great. Quality show. Band was so damn good. No flies on them. Sick drummer. No overplaying, just right there with all that was needed. It was weird cause people would walk up the aisle to the front of the stage and just talk to Noel between songs like it was a small club show. I was waiting for the venue to brush people away or Noel in his Gallagher ways to tell them to F off, but this was welcomed all night and he chatted with everyone who approached him. A drunk heckler, one guy from Mexico who threw a Mexican flag to him to keep and a member of the most popular band of the night. More popular than Noel's.

So, this kid was walking up front holding blank CD's up in the air and I'm thinking there's no way this kid is gonna hand him a CD mid set. Just no way. Is he serious? There's a time and a place for everything and this wasn't the time or the place AND Noel sure as s--- isn't gonna give this kid the time of day. It's just not his style...

It was tonight. He asked the kid how do you rate it on a scale of 1-10. The kid told him 8. Then the legend was born.... watch!

NSFW !!!


Funny, sad, but funny right? Let that be a lesson to anyone who plans to hand one of the biggest rock stars in the world their CD during their concert in hopes he might stop his show to converse with you. Unreal.

Funniest thing was on the way out, I see the kid at the top of the section I was leaving. I nod to him and said, "good luck my friend". He says to me "Have you seen a phone anywhere? I lost my phone."

Of course he did! Why WOULDN'T he lose his phone OR put his band's name or contact info on their CD. Classic night!

It was a great night and an honor to hang with the one and only Tommy C. Ain't a bigger Gallagher Brother fan around and being with someone who is a super uber fan of an artist you're seeing is always a treat. Plus awesome stories along the way and during dinner. Like when Tommy took a leak next to Arthur Fielder from the Boston Pops 30+ years ago. That's a story for another time though. (And told by Tommy)

Here's a taste of the show!