So todays Kurt's last day on the CYY Morning Show.. Show, but he's got big plans!

We're gonna miss KB here on the Morning Show..Show on WCYY. In a couple weeks, Kurt's heading out to the land of Spain where his music is doing extra good right now. He's got tours lined up with his band, The Kurt Baker Band in Spain, France and etc. Afterwards he plans to stay in Spain for a little while to help grow his pop rock name over there. His music has been featured on TV and radio out there and is in demand. Which is good cause girls from Spain are awesome. They Spain people they love the pop rock!! Many of you may know Kurts been in our local scene for a while doing killer good things. Heres a video jukebox from Kurt and his band and his former band The Leftovers. Enjoy and wish our good buddy well! Adios for now KB!