Rejoice, Portland locals! Yeah, we know Portland loves the dollars that tourists bring in, but tell me you're not grateful that Commercial Street will be semi-passable in the middle of the day? Once the tourists roll out, there's still plenty of time before snow flies for us Mainers to take on some of these tourist-y attractions.

1. Victoria Mansion

Trip Advisor reviewer Adnana_Mendieta says, "The details are amazing. The historic value is stunning. The volunteer staff is full of local knowledge and eager to share." You might be surprised to find this antique home in the center of downtown Portland filled with nearly all of the original and authentic furnishings of the Morse-Libby family. The Victoria Mansion is also a great place to visit around the holidays when they style their rooms with the most holiday cheer you've ever seem.

2. West End Cemetery

Spooky and perfect for fall, the Western Cemetery has plenty of local folklore to keep you intrigued around every headstone. Like the Instagram caption says, the bodies of famed poet Henry Longfellow's parents were misplaced from the tombs with no documentation of their whereabouts today. It's a gorgeous place to walk on a crisp fall afternoon. When you're done, continue wandering the West End to gawk at the stunning Western Promenade mansions.

3. Farmer's Market

The Portland Farmers' Market cruises through all the seasons and especially exciting during the fall harvest. Catch them on Saturday mornings in Deering Oaks Park or Wednesdays in Monument Square. You'll feel good about filling your shopping bag with local produce for a homemade dinner.

4. Maine Brew Bus

The Maine Brew Bus drives you around the city and surrounding areas to sample the brews of local beer companies. Trip Advisor reviewer mrsm211 says, "This was way more fun than your average brewery tour! The guide was incredibly funny and knowledgeable, and the breweries were great! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone, and I look forward to doing another one sometime in the future."