Kids will be kids! They're not always the most sure of their step as you know. This kid however made the most expensive stumble possibly ever. 


I can't help but think of Turtle knocking over Gary Busey's art piece on Entourage.

According to, the 12 year old boy was on a tour with his mother in this museum in Taiwan last weekend when he couldn't get out of his own way. Its weird cause he had plenty of space to walk. You saw it right? He wasn't being crowded. There wasn't a pole or anything to throw him of course. He was just a 12 year old kid! And 12 year old kids.... sometimes have trouble walking...?

Well, the painting is from the 17th century and value estimated at $1.5 miiiiiilion dollars (cue Dr. Evil). Luckily the hosts of the exhibition had a kind heart. This is from the Focus Taiwan News Channel.... According to [the exhibition organizer], the boy was very nervous, but [Andrea] Rossi [curator of the exhibition], asked that the boy not be blamed and that the family not be asked to pay for the cost of the restoration… the organizers will ask the insurance company to cover restoration costs and compensate the owner of the painting.