WalletHub recently released it's list of where all 50 states rank when it comes to a great summer road trip. Unfortunately, Maine isn't in the top 10. 


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WalletHub's comparison of all 50 states was based on a number of factors which include road conditions, lodging/driving costs and fun/scenic attractions. Each state was given an overall score in those categories and then ranked from highest to lowest. Here's the list of the best states in 2015 to take a summer road trip in.


Source: WalletHub


Having lived in Maine all my life, I can't say I disagree with WalletHub's findings when it comes to driving and lodging costs. The coastal hotels have short peak seasons so they are always expensive. We're middle of the pack when it comes to scenic/fun excursions. Maine has some of the best scenery in the country, but often times that scenery is not necessarily close to fun attractions. We struggle for a happy medium in this state. Do you think Maine should be higher? And how did both New Hampshire AND Massachusetts beat us?