Chick flicks, romantic comedies, etc. whatever you call them; you've got to admit that theres some amazing scenes in movies that come from lovey dovey moments. Here's a few clips that won't be soon forgotten.

I'm not a hug Affleck fan in regards to acting, but this might be the greatest speech ever made on behalf of love in a movie. The tough part was that the girl he directed it to was gay. Sooo he had alot working against him and his feelings.

Black and white film, final scene, an important flight awaits... most classic.

Wish the clip was longer, but its tough to find. Maybe one of the most iconic scenes from an 80's movie. So awesome how music can elevate a scene and replace dialogue just as effectively. One of the best music connected scenes of all time. Cusak forever!

Swayze, the ladies loved him. This movie and females back then... unseperable

I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan. (Rushmore, Royal Tennebaums, Life Aquatic, etc). His last movie wasn't his best or his funniest. It was about love though and it was really great. It was about two kids faling in love. Innocent, but as serious as aly love. This is their first scene together. (dude looks like a little John Lennon)