For several months now, Portland residents and University of Southern Maine students have been left without one of their favorite brunch destinations, Brea Lu Cafe. Starting in August, that will all change, with a catch...Brea Lu is moving to Westbrook.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Brea Lu owner Christian DeLuca plans to move the brunch destination to 9 Cumberland St. in Westbrook and do "the exact same thing" they were doing in Portland. There is certain to be some disappointment that Brea Lu is moving out of Portland and that they will no longer be located in their cozy Forest Ave. digs.

A fire necessitated the move. That fire, which was not considered suspicious, severely damaged equipment within the confines of the restaurant. That forced DeLuca to close Brea Lu until he could find a suitable location to essentially start over.

Loyal Brea Lu customers will enjoy the fact that the new Westbrook location has its own parking lot. The location is also conveniently found right off of a burgeoning Main St. revitalization going on right now in Westbrook. DeLuca told the Portland Press Herald that he plans to open Brea Lu by August.