So the word is out and we're psyched to head back to the Eastern Prom this time for a full on station run festival. Here's some sounds/visuals of the folks hitting the stage 8/11.

So, the announcement has been made and the cat is out of the bag! The very first Portland Lights Music Festival is happening August 8th and we're psyched to bring one of our CYY 20 celebrations to the Eastern Prom this year. Coming along for the ride are some old friends, some new friends and anyone else to wants to spend a memorable evening with CYY on one of the nicest most beloved areas in Maine.

To get you psyched, here's a mini video jukebox of everyone performing.

Well, you know our friends GUSTER. They've spend many crazy nights in Portland in clubs and sunny hot days on our patio. A summer night outside with Guster is gonna be such a cool deal.


Straight out of the city of brotherly love are long time brothers to Spinout, DR. DOG. We've been playing those guys for quite a while now on Spinout and people who haven't seen the trippy, psychedelic DR.DOG yet in around here should be in for a treat.


IN THE VALLEY BELOW is a smart pop roots duo who have been making a lot of noise since last year. If our math is correct, this is their first show ever in Maine.


Many people know NIKKI BLUHM AND THE GRAMBLERS from their popular "Van Sessions" videos on You Tube. Remeber the Hall & Oates one that went viral pretty quick...

Well, aside from that Nikki has been grinding it out for some years. Her southern rock, soul roots style has people saying she's the next Bobbie Gentry meets Sheryl Crow type person. Portland will take to her quick after her set at Portland Lights.


Although their big smash hit song was called "Boston", the group Augustana hail from the west coast. With more than a handful of releases since 2003 and a new record just out last year, this lighter rock band still has a lot of people on their radar.


Of course it wouldn't be proper to leave out the local on this show. Guys that fit right into this mix and are working on a new record is our friends DOMINIC & THE LUCID. Dom and the fellas have been hard at it for almost a dozen years now. Their brand of indie pysch rock with a dash of classic feel has made them one of Portland's favortie bands. The musicians in the bands have played on countless other records and with countless other bands in town. That's gotta mean something if you know about making music. Luckily the boys are back to their own thing with a new record upon is later on this year.

Here's their tune that became the theme for the "Playing For Change" benefit and is, according to a bunch of musicians I've talked to over the years, their favorite local song.