Concerned passerby's alerted police of a black lab stuck in a car for hours with no water and a partially cracked window.

According to WCSH-6, 21 year old Portland resident Nikita Haller was arrested by Portsmouth police on August 15th after leaving a black lab in her car for several hours without water and minimal fresh air. Concerned passerby's alerted police about the situation, which they monitored closely, before removing the dog from the dog.

Police say the dog was showing signs of stress and needed to be removed as the car's interior was beginning to heat up. The dog was then brought to a local animal hospital for further evaluation.  Several hours after the dogs removal from the car, police were contacted by Haller, claiming that she en route to the animal hospital but she never showed up.

Police later concluded that Haller's brother was the actual owner of the dog and stated that Haller was uncooperative in giving up her brother's name or whereabouts. Police continue to investigate.

Here is WCSH-6's detailed article on the arrest and the Portsmouth Police Department's prompt reaction.