Megan in Portland has a message for the rest of us...peel off any anti-Trump bumper sticker you have on your car! Her car was vandalized because of hers. 

"I had a red, white and blue bumper sticker on my car that said, '#Never Trump,' and underneath it said, 'Fight Hate.' I was really sad and also felt really violated because this happened at my home," Dyke said.

This happened in the driveway to her home. She is scared, violated and worried that it may happen to someone else.


Megan was truly violated:


This is what Megan wrote on her Facebook page:

don't go having too many opinions folks and DEFINITELY don't express any of them. i totally thought i was safe to exercise my freedom of speech here in this glorious country but i was wrong. peel your bumper stickers off, folks! we've got a far-right wingnut lurking around portland deciding that freedom of speech is worth vandalism and property destruction. this election has normalized this hatred so i'm afraid of what happens in january...

It goes without saying how incredibly sad this is...and scary. Come on people - we've got to figure this out and this is NOT the way that's going to happen.

I'm sorry this happened to you Megan...