Rumors have begun to swirl that a popular Portland restaurateur is set to open to city's first tiki bar downtown beneath Arabica coffee. 

YouTube via mrthemeparkaudios


Imagining the sweet taste of delicious exotic drinks and the atmosphere of a tropical destination is not something uncommon to people of the northeast. Having the ability to soak that up without traveling thousands of miles away, is. According to Maine Eater, that may all change very, very soon.

Eater is reporting that popular restaurateur Jason Loring (Nosh, Slab) may have tipped his hand through social media on what his next big project might be. Rumors have been swirling that Loring will collaborate with Mike Fraser (Bramhall) in an attempt to open Portland's first tiki bar below Arabica coffee on Free St. Eater discovered some pictures on Loring's Facebook page that you check out here before they were taken down on Facebook. 

Beyond just the pictures hinting at things to come, the name of the proposed bar may have slipped as well. In a Portland Press Herald article that's now been edited, the PPH referred to Loring as the owner of a new bar called "Rhum". Definitely sounds like a tiki bar to us!

Portland is becoming notorious for unique bar ideas and a tiki bar would certainly fit in to a city filled with craft breweries, themed bars and a speak easy.