A failing sports talk radio station in Colorado has decided to swap format, and become the nation's first talk radio station exclusively about marijuana.

It's a bold move for the AM station, but program director Len Williams told the AP that there's demand for it. They launched with a morning show titled "Wake N' Bake", afternoons called "High Noon", and the drive time called "High Drive At Five". The DJs on the station will collectively be known as the Weed Pimps. Prepare the merchandise, K-High, i think you've done something here.


HOT TAKE: Colorado keeps taking it up a notch and who can blame them? It seems like they have ALL the good ideas. What do people who smoke weed love doing more than talking to other people who love smoking weed? Just being the first station that has a pot leaf as a logo is a guaranteed merch booster, but calling your DJs the "Weed Pimps"? I'm thinking about quitting radio right now because clearly i'm not creative enough. Well done random AM station in Colorado, well done.