Just in time for the Summer, the throwback style camp comedy from a few years back gets a return with a series run on Netflix. 


Cheers to Netflix for locking this one down.

This goofy comedy has become a cult classic. When the original came out back in 2001, this cast contained some up and coming actors, but NOW... there's some giants in the movie world returning to the most messed up campground since Meatballs. Janeane GarofaloDavid Hyde PierceMolly ShannonPaul Rudd, Christopher Meloni, Michael ShowalterKen MarinoMichael Ian BlackBradley Cooper, Amy PoehlerElizabeth Banks and Judah Friedlander! Great to see alot of the clowns from that comedy show, "The State" back at big things again. 

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(Since everyones seen this, the spoiler alert thing isn't a big deal. Seriously though, even back then, who the hell makes a commercial showing ALL the people who get killed??)







(best summer movie song ever... "Holiday Road" by Lindsey Buckingham)