A Reddit user asked if dumpster diving was legal and how many people are actively doing it. Here are some golden responses.

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Reddit user hrocson asked fellow redditors about the dumpster diving scene in Maine. They got several responses, some serious and some playful. Here are a couple of the gems:

User Dilplunk writes: I would recommend dumpster diving at Wendy's. Bring a lady friend and incorporate a bun into the love making.

JD's Take: Strong opening comment on this thread. I sat at my computer for 10 solid minutes thinking of how I would have responded if I were going to be the 1st to post a comment. Bold.

User Ninjakick666 writes: Me and my lady are all filled up on Fight Milk... I think we will just kick back... relax... and boil some denim...

JD's Take: Two fantastic It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia references packed into one comment. By the way, doesn't boiling some denim just sound like something that really happens on a saturday in Maine? I think so.

User GlassWings writes: This is Maine and land access law is in favor of the explorers. Locks matter, postings matter, enclosures are not mentioned in the law. You may not enter buildings and as a point of playing nicely I don't cross privacy fences or loiter in folk's yards.

Anything else is fair game.JD's Take: Finally a real response...and a wealth of knowledge. This is spoken like someone who has crushed their fair share of dumpsters. I'm curious though, if you find something worth keeping, how do you explain it to your friends and family? "Where did you get this Bob" "Welp, I was sifting through a few dumpsters one night and low and behold, found this gem"


I'm going on record as saying that I don't think dumpster diving is running wild like Hulkamania. I will admit it does sound like a possible flea market without having to spend money....and way more fleas. To all those dumpster diving out there, best of luck to you. I'll just keep paying money for stuff.