It was the summer of 2006. It was my second Lollapalooza in a row at Grant Park in Chicago. The second year was a bit different than the first. I decided since I was going to be out there, I might as well see if I can snag a few band interviews to have broadcast on CYY while I was out there. The first day, I had chat sessions lined up with Justin from Blue October and Jason from Death Cab for Cutie. Jason's wife is from Maine, Freeport I think? I remember us talking about the Old Port and Amato's.

Rob and buddy Nate with Jason from Death Cab For Cutie
Rob with an injured Justin from Blue October


I was escorted backstage with my buddy by a record rep for the interviews. After the second interview, the rep was in a hurry. He left myself and my buddy backstage. We're now looking around realizing how cool it is. I look over and see Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs drinking wine and mackin' on some hippy chick. Then bandmate Jack White comes out of his trailer and walks right over to us. We chatted for a bit, he was super chill.

Rob and buddy with Jack White


At this point we realize we need to hang out there as long as we could. We made our way to the Lolla Lounge where we ran into this young kid chillin' by himself, probably 9 or 10 years old, watching the big screen monitor that had the concert on it. He was Chad Smith's, Chili Peppers drummer, nephew. Super cool kid that admitted to us after I asked him if he any idea that his uncle is kind of a big deal? He responded "No not really, he's just my Uncle Chad."

Lolla Lounge


We then walked around some more and made our way into the catering tent where we ran into Cee Lo Green. He was also super cool.

Rob and buddy with Cee Lo Green


Andrew from Wolfmother, I liked this dude. They tore it up too!

Rob and buddy with Andrew from Wolfmother


We eventually got called out for having no credentials on us. This old, angry man yelled at us and told us to get out. He was on a mission so asked another woman working security to escort us back out to the concert grounds. After he was no longer in site, the woman says to us "I know you guys aren't supposed to be here but you've been fine all day. Get back in there and don't let him see you!" How often does that happen?

Then finally, the pinnacle of our adventure. Perry Ferrell himself, Jane's Addiction front man and the creator of Lollapalooza. It was the equivalent of running into Willy Wonka at the Chocolate Factory. He couldn't have been nicer. He says to us in his funny little voice "Are you guys enjoying Lollapalooza this year?"

Rob and buddy with Perry Ferrell


The festival found it's home at the amazing Grant Park in Chicago in 2005 and has been there ever since.

Lollapalooza crowd shot


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