New data released by WalletHub compares the residents of Maine's biggest cities by average credit score. Find out which city is doing the best. 


According to the Bangor Daily News, residents of South Portland are far and away the best credited people living in the state of Maine. WalletHub compiled data from across the country to determine the best cities when it comes to average credit score for their residents. In Maine, they only factored in 5 the biggest cities. Lewiston, Auburn, Bangor, Portland and South Portland.

WalletHub chose to use only one of the major credit agency, TransUnion, as their source for the information. All of their finds can be found here. Here are Maine's rankings with their average credit score:

1. South Portland: 688.31

2. Auburn: 670.39

3. Portland: 669.69

4: Lewiston: 662.63

5. Bangor: 661.58

For a point of reference as to where the Maine cities stand, the Villages, Florida ranked #1 in terms of average credit score in the country with 779.51. South Portland's average score is nearly 100 points behind that. Meanwhile, the lowest average score goes to Camden, New Jersey with a weak score of 565.52. That should make residents of Maine's lower rated cities feel better.

You can read a more in-depth breakdown of Maine's average credit scores courtesy of Seth Koenig and the Bangor Daily News here.