After many years, our sister station down the hall Q97.9 decided to bring back their Sun Jam contest. This is an audio challenge that requires the listener to come up with six very quick song snippets. The Q was only about six months old at the time. You will hear Jeff Parsons in the audio positioning the station as "the new Q 979.9."

I remember hearing about the contest and Jamaica being the grand prize. I also remember telling myself "I'm going to win that s**t!" I heard a few songs right off the bat that I knew...but then it was time to determine the others. I recorded the montage (as I would imagine most people did) and listened until I was able to figure it out. I called in, got through, and somehow nailed all six tunes. There is a certain line dropped by me moments after I won during the win with The Q's Jeff Parsons, that my co-workers are having a field day with.

I ended up scoring a trip to Negril, Jamaica. My buddy and I ended up doing everything they told us not to do, as a 19 and 20 year old would normally do. We managed to have a blast and come back alive. Now I gotta dig up some pictures. I was about 30 ibs heavier back then and I had is half full? We'll leave it at that for now.