It's a normal occurrence at a local Headstart show. So for this their final show, it had to happen one last time! You can see him leaving my area and walking up the side of the club towards the promised land in the start of the video. Oh and hey there's guest drummer Tony McNaboe on drums from Rustic Overtones! Someone's bar tab was sacrificed for those few minutes!!!

Usually located deep in their set, the band lays into the energetic/sour, "Bitches and Bastards". I'm not sure how the tradition started, but more times than not over the band's 13 year existence our buddy Rob from WCYY finds his way on stage to basically take over the song. Under the influence most times, Rob will staggerly weave his way through local crowds to vocally assist.

Last Saturday as Headstart played their final show at Portland House of Music and Events, Rob crowded the stage for one final time with Portland's long running pop rock friends. I almost had to remind Rob that his final moment was coming up. He played it pretty casual almost second guessing it. I was like, "Dude, this is it. You GOTTA do it at the last show! Right?". He still seemed a bit hesitant. I'm not sure if his confidence was swimming low or he didn't want to intrude on this band's last show. A really important show for any band really. BUT.... that's also when you let the freak flag fly and the magic happen, one last time!

In this case, I think it was more of letting the freak flag fly - one more time!