Yesterday I got a Facebook notification on my phone that I had been challenged by our long time friend Andrew Govatsos and pop singer Andy Grammar. The ice bucket challenge to raise awareness to help fight ALS, which is also referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

I'm always game for helping a good cause. I also realized this would be a great way to kick me into full gear, as sometimes I need a little bit more than a big-ass coffee on a Monday. It certainly delivered with alertness, shrinkage, the whole package (pun intended). It felt like I was caught in a brief but intense hail storm.

I also didn't think a change of clothes would be necessary. "It's summer", I told myself, "I'll dry off in no time." Ya that's if you're outside in the sun, dummy. It's been over 3 hours and I'm still suffering from a  case of damp-ass.

Post challenge, I challenged a couple other guys you may know. Will Mark Curdo and Joey Disco accept??

Click here to learn more about ALS and to make a donation.