I was in the process of gathering interviews from band members appearing on the CYY 500 countdown that we did last June. We realized we had the tools available to give us a legit list of the most played songs since '95, so let's fire it up and play them back from 500-1. Reaching out to huge names to 90's acts that are still kickin' around playing club shows. Butch Vig was not one I was planning to hear back on, just for the shear reason he's a super busy guy. Not only did I hear back from his management the next day, Butch and I chatted for nearly a half hour. What a great guy and super multi-talented. We've all said "I'd love to sit down and have a beer with him/her." That's how I feel about Butch. Here's a portion of the interview where he talks about getting involved with Nevermind and how things unexpectedly blew up...fast.